Tuesday, 4 June 2019

June 2019

June 1st: Lesser whitethroat on the mound, g-s woodpecker at the Hayden Hide (AP)

Breeding Bird Survey:  June 2nd 

Neal Parkin Reports:
The highlights from this weekend surveys were:
Cuckoo – a male & female were seen flying together at both south and north end of the Pits.
Barn owl – few reports of barn owls this year but one was seen during the survey
Mistle thrush – an uncommon bird at Paxton so good to see some records
Kingfisher – pair seen on the river
Turtle dove – a bird heard purring in the Sanctuary by the ringers at 6:00
Jay – an uncommon bird caught by the ringers on Sunday
Red-crested pochard – these birds are usually absent over the summer months!
Avocet – pair at north end
Otter – caused the lesser black-backed gulls to become very agitated
Nightingales – 2 may be 3 birds singing. And better still another bird seen carrying food.

Ringing Report from Derek Gruar: June 2nd.

The fourth Paxton CES ringing session of the season was on an overcast and humid morning. Statistically the 4th CES session of the season is the quietest of the year. Since 2007 there have only been two catches of over 30 new birds. Our total of 24 new birds was about par for this visit and was dominated by recently fledged Blue Tits. Warblers were at a premium with singles of Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Reed Warbler, we expect to see fledged warblers appear over the next few sessions. Other notable species included the 3rd ever jay ringed on a CES ringing session and the first Bullfinch and Song Thrushes of the year.
Spotted orchid

June 2nd: Cuckoo, little egret, mallard, gadwall, tufted duck, mute swan, swallow, sand martin, jackdaw, coot, dunnock, cormorant, collared dove, wood pigeon, crow, magpie, moorhen, b-h gull, common tern, goldcrest, blackcap, wren, chaffinch, jay, g-c-grebe, l-b-b-gull, l-t tit, willow warbler, Canada Goose, reed bunting, yellowhammer, linnet, red kite, rat, blue tit.

Four spotted chaser
June 3rd: Common tern, tree creeper, green woodpecker, great tit, blue tit, blackbird, cormorant, gadwall, mallard, tufted duck, b-h gull, g-c grebe, heron, crow, rook, jackdaw, magpie, kingfisher, white throat and cuckoo. 
Dragonflies etc: Norfolk hawker, hairy hawker, 4-spot chaser, variable damsel, common blue damsel, azure damsel, blue-tailed damsel, red-eyed damsel, banded demoiselle and cinnabar moth.
Cinnabar moth
June 4th: 54 spp seen by Terry Brown, including:
House martin x 25, blackcap x 17, reed warbler x 8, treecreeper x 2, common tern x 74 oystercatcher x 2, red-crested pochard fm, cuckoo x 2, reed bunting x 7, g-c grebe x 12, tufted duck x 35, gadwall x 12, garden warbler, chiffchaff, willow warbler, whitethroat, yellowhammer, sedge warbler, Cetti's warbler.
Hairy hawker
June 5th: Bullfinch (Robin West)

June 20th: Just to mention that today I saw the following dragonflies on the Meadow Walk:

Blue-tailed Damselfly
Black-tailed Skimmer
Common Darter
Common Blue Damselfly
Azure Damselfly
Variable Damselfly
Norfolk Hawker
Also probably a China Mark moth: which type I cannot tell from the poor pictures.
There are more details on IRecord. 

Norfolk Hawker

Variable damselfly 
You have a wonderful place! Thank you for a great break from work!

Kind regards Alan Holmes

June 22nd:  Full list will be Birdtracked.
Cuckoo, heard only, Kingfisher, Turtle Dove, 2 flew across the Sailing Lake at 16:45 approx.
Does anyone know what the Bees and Wasps are that are nesting on the banks of Hayling Lake?
Martin Bell, Merthyr Tydfil. 

Friday, 26 April 2019

May 2019

We have a new logbook in the Visitor Centre where you can enter all your sightings, not just birds. 
Your records are very important to monitor all the creatures that live on the Reserve or pass through it. Records of common species are just as important as those for rarities. You can also send in records by email to me HERE

Mallard family.
May 1st  Hobby regulary viewed over the visitor centre during the day, probably charing emerging damselflies. Young male Muntjac barking in the garden plus a pair of adults in the meadow. Possibly a fall of migrating garden warblers as they were everywhere today. Cuckoos heard and seen. House martins. Mallard broods.(JAS)
Reed bunting singing.
A walk along the Anglian Water road from Stirtloe (N of the quarry) revealed a host of warblers including dozens of garden warblers plus black caps, chiffchaffs, willow warblers, sedge warblers, reed warblers, whitethroats, lesser whitethroats, Cetti's warbler, yellowhammer, bullfinch, linnet and reed bunting. Cuckoo x 3.
Male yellowhammer.
A report of a grasshopper warbler there earlier too. I heard three nightingales but an evening visit confirmed at least five. (JAS)

Muntjac male.

Orange tip butterfly in the garden.
Orange tip, brimstone, holly blue and red admiral butterflies seen.

3rd: Reuben Braddock's first visit produced:
50 Greylag Goose
1 Canada Goose
4 Mute Swan
3 Gadwall
2 Eurasian Wigeon
1 American Wigeon -- Drake, on lake to north of North Heronry lake. Had walked around to see/hear Nightingales, and another birder was there already watching it. Seen through scope from north end of this lake, with bird at southern end near small islands. Light blaze on forehead clearly seen, rufous sides and white patch on side near tail.
10 Mallard
16 Tufted Duck
4 Red-legged Partridge
4 Common Pheasant -- Only one seen
1 Little Grebe -- On pond next to Diddington Brook
10 Great Crested Grebe
6 Stock Dove
70 Common Woodpigeon
4 Collared Dove -- Around visitor centre
5 Common Cuckoo -- Three from Heron trail including two song duelling! Two singing near Pumphouse Pit
2 Common Swift
4 Common Moorhen
5 Eurasian Coot
15 Black-headed Gull
2 Herring Gull
4 Lesser Black-backed Gull
30 Common Tern -- Quite a few on rafts. Rough estimate of numbers, probably more. All over the reserve and along the river
30 Great Cormorant -- Nesting site
4 Grey Heron
3 Common Buzzard
3 Great Spotted Woodpecker
5 Eurasian Green Woodpecker -- Several calling, heard throughout walk
1 Common Kestrel - near Diddington Brook
1 Eurasian Hobby -- NE corner of Pumphouse Pit
4 Common Magpie (Eurasian)
30 Eurasian Jackdaw
3 Rook
4 Carrion Crow
12 Sand Martin
2 Barn Swallow
8 Eurasian Blue Tit
8 Great Tit
10 Long-tailed Tit
9 Eurasian Wren
5 Willow Warbler -- Only at northern end of lakes, didn’t hear any from Heron trail
14 Common Chiffchaff -- Probably most numerous warbler
6 Sedge Warbler
4 Eurasian Reed Warbler
12 Eurasian Blackcap
10 Garden Warbler -- Singing throughout reserve. Conservative estimate
2 Lesser Whitethroat -- One in hedge adjacent to Island Pit. One in hedge on farmland near Diddington
9 Common Whitethroat
6 European Robin
4 Common Nightingale -- All quite close to each other adjacent to Anglian Water road. One seen as it perched briefly on top of bush singing before diving back down again.
2 Song Thrush
10 Eurasian Blackbird
4 Common Starling
6 Dunnock
2 Pied Wagtail
5 Common Chaffinch
3 European Greenfinch
3 European Goldfinch
2 Common Reed Bunting
5th: 100 house martins, 50 swallows. 10 sand martins over Heronry North. Redshank at Sailing Lake, Shelduck x 2 at S. end of Island Pit.
Our Breeding Bird Survey produced the first swift and a couple of new nightingales and three turtle doves.

6th:   Swift x 2 (Steve May).

7th:   Nightingale x 5 on Concrete Road at Stirtloe plus single black tern. (JAS)

8th:  Nightingale singing behind Lafarge plant. (Adrian Hyde)

10th: 2 hobbies over VC most of afternoon. Sparrow hawk, lots of swifts. RC pochard and oystercatchers on sailing lake. (JAS) Treecreeper (Wayne Garden).
Buzzard x 4, hobby x 2, (D Harlow)
Hobby and brown argus butterfly plus cuckoo by moorings plus treecreeper.

11th: (From Butterfly transect) Hobby, lots of swifts, swallows, whitethroats, blackcap, garden warbler, willow warbler, chiffchaff, reed warbler, cuckoo, reed bunting (fam) common terns. Muntjac, squirrel, rat, raven and nightingale at Offord D'arcy,  Cuckoo, blackcap.

12th: Family of tree creepers (river view), l-r plover (Bill's Bench), l-t tits, orange tipped butterfly, pheasant, magpie, collared dove, brimstone butterfly.

13th: Turtle dove (R Pope) R-c pochard pair at Hayden Hide, mute swans with 6 cygnets.

14th:  Common Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Garden Warbler, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Reed Warbler, Blackcap, Reed Bunting, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Blue tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird, Common Tern, Black Headed Gull, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Gadwall, Red Crested Pochard, Coot, Greylag Goose, Canada Goose, Mute Swan, Pheasant, Cuckoo calling, Green woodpecker, Buzzard, Heron, Wood Pigeon, Carrion Crow, Cormorant.
Small Copper, Orange Tip, Brimstone, Banded Demoiselle, Common Blue Damselfly (Andrew Lee)

Crane over VC, g-s woodpecker, heron x 7. (Matt Hall)

Banded Demoiselle by Andrew Lee.
15th: Garden warbler, cuckoo, whitethroat, Canada geese with goslings, lapwing, red kite,
buzzard. (JAS) Gt crested grebe, mute swan, robin, collared dove on Meadow Trail.

16th: Meadow Trail: Cuckoo x 2, blackcap x 5, red kite x 2, coot x 5, b-h gull x 11, garden warbler x 2, grey heron x 2, moorhen x 4, carrion crow x 3, fox (MH)

Third Thursday Walk: Blackcap, b-h gull, blue tit, bullfinch, buxxard, crow, common tern, coot, moorhen, cormorant, dunnock, gadwall, g-c grebe, g-s woodpecker, green woodpecker, heron, mute swan, oystercatcher, peregrine, robin, tree-creeper, stock dove, swift, tufted duck, wood pigeon, Canada goose, cuckoo, r-c pochard, muntjac. (D Wilson)

Heron Trail: Hobby, garden warbler x 3, blackcap x 4, robin x 2, wren x 3, green woodpecker, g-s woodpecker, cuckoo.

17th: Heron Trail: Blackcap, garden warbler, lesser whitethroat, chiffchaff, yellowhammer, willow warbler, whitethroat, song thrush. Goldcrests with young at Wray House.

21st: Greenfinch, cuckoo, dunnock, l-t tit, buzzard, goldcrest.
Evening walk: Sparrow hawk, swifts, house martins, kingfisher, gs and green woodpeckers. Unidentified distant wader on Heronry South, possibly L-r p. (JAS)
Damsels: Common blue, azure, blue tailed, variable, red eyed and banded demoiselle.
Dragons: 4 spotted chaser, scarce chaser and first Norfolk Hawker. 
22nd: Norfolk hawker in flight. Speckled wood, brimstone, buzzard. Little Egret (on Heronry South, TG)
Hairy dragonfly, cinnabar moth, orange tip butterfly.
Tern rafts; c 40 common terns . Herring gulls causing disturbance (TG)

23rd: Norfolk hawkers, scarce chasers, four spotted chasers.

24th: Four spotted chaser, scarce chaser, black tailed skimmer, hairy dragonfly; variable, common blue and red-eyed damsels. Brimstone, peacock. brown argus, orange-tip, speckled wood and small copper butterflies.
Little egret on Heronry South. Swifts (TG) Badgers at dusk near Stirtloe.

25th: Red crested pochard x 2 from Kingfisher Hide, cuckoo. Brimstone and small tortoiseshell.
House martins and swifts: (TG)
Great tits and squirrels at bird table, brown rat, blue tit, magpie.
Swifts over the village (Ann and Mike Thomas)
Hairy, black tailed skimmer, four spotted chaser, scarce chaser. Azure, blue tailed, red eyed damsels and banded demoiselle. (Meadow Trail)

26th: Cetti's warbler x 3, garden warblers, blackcaps, chiff-chaffs, whitethroats, lesser whitethroat, lesser black-backed gull. Flocks of martins following showers of rain across the site, small groups of swifts, buzzards, red kites. Dead mole on meadow trail. First spotted orchids in flower.

28th: Cuckoo spit on the meadow trail. This is from common froghoppers and is perfectly natural.

29th: c 60 house martins over the Heronry Lakes, cuckoo x 2, blackcap, lbb gull, oystercatcher, cormorant x 30, herring gull, yellowhammer. (TG)

31st: Loads of dragonflies at edge of meadow. Norfolk hawker at garden pond!

Friday, 12 April 2019

April 2019

Hi everyone! 
April started slowly but a smattering of spring migrants passing through made for some interesting sightings. 
I have altered the format this month to allow me to paste in people's reports exactly as they wrote them. It also saves time as I don't have to fight against the template.
Please keep sending your sightings as this could be the most exciting month of the year.

4th:   Chiffchaff x 16, blackcap x 9, swallow x 1, goldeneye x 6, tufted duck x 195, pochard, shoveller x 3, gadwall x 7, black headed gull x 495, r-l partridge x2, buzzard, green sandpiper. (Terry Brown)

5th:   Yellowhammer on the meadow trail and the haul road, willow warbler x 3. Oystercatcher x 3, green sandpiper, goldeneye x 2. (A+K Harrold)
Mining bees using the mound. (MR)

7th:   Quite a large number of sand martins, house martins with a few swallows mixed in, over Hayling and the river, in the grey gloom this morning. (Mark Brandon)

8th:   One green woodpecker and what looked like two swallows(I was a long way off but I think they were too small for hobbies) perched on tall dead tree off to the right of the main path to the river, dunnock near centre. female bullfinch at riverside, jay at riverside, yellowhammer near field, two blackcaps (male) singing merrily in Rory's Wood. Song Thrush in full voice on main path to river,wren near the gravel workings and many great tits, blue tits, blackbirds and robins plus a couple of long tailed tits. (Francis Burnley)

9th:   Heron, blue tit, wren, sparrow, great tit, coot, mallard, Canada goose, swan, tufted duck and robin. (Chloe, Jake and Graham.)
Red crested pochards on Weedy Pit
10th: Long staying pair of red crested pochards on Weedy Pit. Teal on Rudd pit. (NH)
Mallard pair with 9 ducklings on the Hayling Pit. (VB)
Red crested pochards moved to sailing lake. Little gull x 2 and greed sandpiper x 3 on Heronry North. (Martin)
Collared dove, reed bunting blue tot, great tit and robin. (Phoebe)

Little gull on Heronry North.
Red crested pochard x 2, common tern x 2, little gull x 2, teal x 6, gadwall x11, pochard x 11, goldeneye x 5, tufted duck x 172, yellowhammer x 10, linnet x 15, sparrowhawk, buzzard, Cetti's warbler, green sandpiper x 2, blackcap x 17, chiffchaff x 11, willow warbler.
Brimstone, peacock, orange-tip, speckled wood butterflies. ((Terry Brown)

Red crested pochard pair on Weedy Pit, Little gull x 4 and common tern x 4 on Heronry N. Kingfisher, willow warbler x 3, scaup x 2, sparrowhawk at the VC, swallow x 3, widgeon x 5, pochard.  Little ringed plover x 3, dunlin x 3, ringed plover x 3, oystercatcher x 4, redshank x 10, green sandpiper x 5, lapwing x 2, snipe x 4, little egret. (Martin)

Singing willow warbler x 7+ on Meadow Trail (D Harlow)
Little gull and year-old black headed gull.
Peregrine (fm) over Heronry South  at 6 pm. Cetti's warbler at the Visitor Centre (JAS)

Peregrine over Heronry South.
14th:  Cetti's warbler on boardwalk in meadow. (CB) Red crested pochard on sailing lake and Island Pit, both drakes. Green sandpiper on Heronry North (A&G Williams) a kingfisher on the Hayling Pit (SE)  Flock of c20 swallows over village reported to TG.

16th:  Otter x 2 at south end of Island Pit (Steve May). Red crested pochard drake on Weedy Pit (GSM). Blue tit, magpie, gull, squirrel (Sienna and Cassia) Common tern, yellowhammer x 6, whitethroat, black cap x 4 (A Scott)
Common Terns 17th April. (P. Hagger)
17th: Crane flying south over river viewpoint. Red crested pochard drake on Weedy Pit (female appeared later so probably on nest). Tern rafts launched and immediately occupied. Buzzard, red kite, kestrel and sparrow hawk. Dunlin on island in Heronry South among nesting? b-h gulls. Green sandpiper x 2 on Diddington Pit. Green woodpeckers. Gulls and rooks following the tractor on Peter's Field. Butterflies- orange tip, comma, speckled wood, holly blue, brimstone, green-veined white, peacock.

From Cambridge Bird Club: Paxton Pits - 2 Garganey (Jamie Wells); Yellow-legged Gull (Mark Brandon); 3 Garganey, Red-crested Pochard, Blue-headed Wagtail with 7 Yellow Wagtail (Martin Davis)
Mallard on nest (P. Hagger)
18th: Third Thursday Walk: Blackbird, blackcap, b-h gull, blue tit, bullfinch, buzzard, crow, chiffchaff, common tern, coot, cormorant, gadwall, goldcrest, great crested grebe, great tiit, green woodpecker, heron, greylag, herring gull, house sparrow, l-t tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen, mute swan, oystercatcher, pheasant, redshank, robin, rook, treecreeper, stock dove, teal, tufted duck, willow warbler, wood pigeon, wren, Canada goose, red-crested pochard. 39 spp. (David Wilson)

Cetti's warbler 19/4/2019 (J Hill)
Grass snake (Oliver Mallet)

Redshank x 3, common sandpiper x 2 (Sailing Lake) Adult little gull x 2 on Heronry North.
Chiffchaff x 17, blackcap x 21, willow warbler x 9, goldcrest, buzzard x 2, yellowhammer x 7, common tern x 24 and red crested pochard drake. (Terry Brown)
18th: From Cambridge Bird Club: Paxton Pits - RING OUZEL, 9 Little Gull, Garganey, Lesser Whitethroat, Raven over east (Jamie Wells)

19th: Whitethroat and willow warblers at the mound, garden warbler, blackcap x 6, willow warbler x 6, chiffchaff x 10, common tern and yellowhammer. (MA) Cuckoo heard at River Viewpoint. Poss hobby passing high over VC. Cetti's warbler in Meadow (T and V G)
From Cambridge Bird Club: Cuckoo, 3 Nightingale (John Raven); 3 Black Tern, pair of Red-crested Pochard (Martin Davis)

20th: Cuckoo, blackcap, yellowhammer, chiffchaff, black tern. Orange tip, peacock and speckled wood butterflies. (J P F) Osprey over Heronry lakes (TG)

21st: Cuckoo at river, garden warbler near Kingfisher Hide. (PC)
Black redstart fem. in the quarry. 12 black terns in the quarry.(GTH) Cuckoo also on meadow trail.

22nd: Adult little gull on Heronry South (Steve May) Robin, swift?? chaffinch, magpie, sparrow, chiffchaff, green woodpecker, great tit, blue tit, pheasant, mallard. (Jake, James Chloe and Sharon)
Black terns x 14+ in quarry plus nightingales and 3 cuckoos. (A and M Thomas) L-t tits at Cobham Hide, little gull at Kingfisher Hide. (A&J Hull +Christine, Harriet, Carole, George and Mark)

23rd: Little tern and arctic tern x 3 from Kingfisher Hide. (D Harlow)
Bar-tailed godwits x 21 also from Kingfisher Hide. (D Harlow and J Wells)
Sedge warbler singing.
24th: Ten warbler spp: Grasshopper, Cetti's, reed, sedge, whitethroat, lesser whitethroat, garden, blackcap, chiffchaff and willow! (Neal Parkin) Cuckoo x 2 near the visitor centre. 15 linnets on dandelions in the sheep field. GS Woodpecker at the gulley.
Orange tip butterfly on a Geranium.
Butterflies included holly blue, brimstone and orange tip.

Hedgehog found on the Reserve near the Hayling Pit, turned inside out by a badger. Oystercatcher, herring gull x 3, lapwing, buzzard and sparrow hawk. Rat on the bird table at the visitor centre, 3 muntjac in the sheep field. Large red damselfly at the moorings. (JAS)

Muntjac showing scent gland and tusks.
25th: 2nd year little gull over Heronry North.

26th: Chiffchaff, blackcap, willow warbler, whitethroat, lesser whitethroat, reed warbler, garden warbler. Cuckoo heard as well as oystercatchers calling. Brimstone, orange tip and speckled wood butterflies. (RS Buxton).

27th: Dozens of sand martins over Weedy Pit plus swallows and house martins over Heronry Lakes.

28th: Cuckoo and buzzard over the Visitor Centre (JAS)
Arctic Tern x 2. Little tern. RC Pochard.

3 Otters including two young on Island Pit. American Wigeon drake on PHP. (GR)

29th: Cuckoos, buzzard, yellow wagtail.
David Bale reported from the Anglian Water Road at Stirtloe: 7:45 am.
Blackbird, bullfinch, reed bunting, coot, cormorant, crow, stock dove, gadwall, goldfinch, greylag geese, blackcap, chiffchaff, Cetti's warbler, goldcrest, reed warbler, sedge warbler, willow warbler, whitethroat, lesser whitethroat x 7, cuckoo, b.h gull, heron, jackdaw, magpie, mallard, moorhen, robin, rook, starling, mute swan, common tern, at east 5 nightingales, skylark, mistle thrush, song thrush, blue tit, great tit, long tailed tit, great spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, woodpigeon, wren and yellowhammer.

Friday, 1 March 2019

March 2019

Badger gate in Peter's Field.
March 1st. What an amazing february we had! A false spring. The weather isn't so great now but still warmer than average. I see our badger gate is being used by badgers (I think). I also spotted an otter spraint at the River viewpoint.

Otter spraint at the River Viewpoint.
2nd:  Newt (great crested?) at Visitor Centre, (Rose) Kingfisher at Cobham Hide,

3rd:  First Sand Martin of the year at the quarry (JW); green sandpiper x 2 on
        the Heronry Lakes. (MD)also singing
        Chiffchaff  near Peter's Field. (still there on the 13th); 2 Oystercatchers.

5th:  Chiffchaff x 2, green sandpiper x 2, buzzard x 2, sparrowhawk, gadwall x10,
        teal x 21, shoveller x 11, wigeon x 90, pochard x 82, goldeneye x14,
        tufted duck x 245, g-c grebe x 13, b-h gull x 360, common gull x 14,
        linnet x 120, yellowhammer x 13, lapwing, reed bunting x 17, oystercatcher x 2
        (Terry Brown)

7th:  Treecreeper x 2, great tit, blue tit, robin (pr), reed bunting, g-s woodpecker,
        dunnock, tufted duck, shoveller, cormorant, grey heron, white fronted goose (!),
        common gull, b-h gull, wood pigeon, magpie, Canada goose, g-c grebe at the
        Hayden Hide. Plus muntjac and black squirrel at the Kingfisher Hide.
        (WP and WP)
Rooks, why does no-one ever report them?
They nest by the sailing lake.
8th:  Tree creeper, g-s woodpecker, reed bunting, gt tit, blue tit, l-t tit, heron,
        mute swan, tufted duck, cormorant, g-c grebe, teal on Heronry Lakes.
        reed bunting at the Visitor Centre .

9th:  Pheasant, blue tit, great tit, green woodpecker, gadwall, cormorant, tufted duck,
        l-t tit, grey heron, mute swan, g-c grebe, reed bunting, dunnock, collared dove.
        (Gill and Addy)

10th: Chiffchaff x 2, sand martin, green sandpiper, pochard x 86, goldeneye x 13,
         widgeon x 90, reed bunting x 17, oystercatcher x 2, tufted duck  x 175,
         teal x 37, yellowhammer x 8, shoveller x 13. (Terry Brown)
         Fox on the bank, heronry South. (PD JD)
         Blue tit, house sparrow, great tit x 3, g-s woodpecker. (PS/JS)

Now is the time to see grebes courting.
14th: Tufted duck x 210, shoveller x 12, teal x 28, widgeon x 55, pochard x 79,
         goldeneye x 13, oystercatcher x 2, g-c grebe x 14,green sandpiper x 2,
         yellowhammer x 30, linnet x 50, common gull x 70, b-h gull x 570, redwing x 2,
         jay, Cettis's warbler, chiffchaff. (Terry Brown)

17th: Green sandpiper x 6, treecreeper x 2.
         Smew x 2, little owl, woodcock in the quarry and A1 Pit. (GR)
         Goosander on the river PC.

18th: Common sandpiper and green sandpiper at the Kingfisher Hide (RS)

19th: Chiffchaff x 7, green sandpiper x 6, g-c grebe x 22, teal x 27, pochard x9,
         shoveller x 15, goldeneye x 15, tufted duck x 220, wigeon x 24,
         oystercatcher x 2, b-h gull x 850, common gull x 30, gadwall x 19,
         Cetti's warbler, yellowhammer x 13, linnet x 80. (Terry Brown)
Moorhens are also not reported much
but they are common here.
21st: Third Thursday Walk
         B-h gull, blue tit, buzzard, chaffinch, chiffchaff, common gull, cormorant,
         dunnock, gadwall, goldcrest,g-c grebe, great tit, green sandpiper,
         green woodpecker, grey heron, jackdaw, l-t tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen,
         mute swan, pheasant, pochard, reed bunting, robin, rook, collared dove,
         tree creeper, shoveller, song thrush, sparrowhawk, teal, tufted duck,
         wood pigeon, Canada goose, goldeneye.
         (36 spp plus Mink at the river viewpoint). (D. Wilson)

23rd: Chiffchaff x 11, green sandpiper x 4, blackcap, b-h gull x 470,
         common gull x 6, tufted duck x 155, teal x 7, shoveller x 5,
         pochard x 11, gadwall x 6, yellowhammer x 25, buzzard, kestrel,
         Cetti's warbler, goldcrest, bullfinch, oystercatcher x 2, g-c grebe x 13.
         (Terry Brown)

24th: Blackcap near Washout Pit. (PC)
         Red-head smew and Egyptian goose (MD)
         Note MD has a permit to record birds in the quarry which is 
         closed to the public.

26th: L-r plover x 3, smew, scaup pair, shelduck x 3, redshank (colour ringed)
         chiffchaff x 2, redwing x 21, fieldfare x 6. (MD) (in the Quarry)

27th: Avocet, l-r plover x 3, ringed plover x 2, dunlin, redshank x 4,
         oystercatcher x 4, lt egret x 3, lt grebe x 2, sand martin x 3,
         shelduck x 3. (MD) (in the Quarry)

28th: Black-t godwit, ruff, spotted redshank, dunlin, ringed plover x 2,
         l-r plover x 3, redshank x 5, green sandpiper x 4, oystercatcher x 4,
         jack snipe, common snipe x 2, lapwing x 10.
         Sand martins x 13 already excavating burrows. (MD) (in the Quarry)

29th: Spotted redshank, rock pipit, ruff, blackcap x 6, Cetti's warbler,
         L-r plover x 2, dunlin, snipe (74 spp!!!) (MD) (in the Quarry)
         Gadwall duckings x 3 in Cloudy Pit, r-c pochard in Weedy Pit,
         Buzzard (TG et al)
         c 50+ Cormorant nests active (TG)

30th: R-c pochards x 2 Weedy Pit (TG)

Thursday, 7 February 2019

February 2019

2nd   Robin, blue tit, dunnock at the VC (Paige)

3rd    Goosanders on river. (PC) Green sandpiper x 2 and grey wagtail on the 
         Heronry Lakes (AND)
         Fieldfare x 20 on the Great Meadow. (CP) Wren

6th    Great white egret on Weedy Pit (Later Heronry ) (WS and JS)
         Muntjac buck in garden, rabbit in the meadow. Many pheasants on the arable
         and one in garden.
         Two muntjac plus goldeneye x 4, goosander, green sandpiper, bullfinch
         on Heronry North.

9th    Goosander x 5 on the river, goldeneye x 2, green sandpiper, bullfinch x 2. (JH)
         Tufted duck, green woodpecker, coots, long-tailed tits. (CK)

10th  Bullfinch x 2 on Heron Trail (PC)

11th  Song thrush singing, green-finch singing, goosander pair, long-tailed tits,
         goldeneye on the Meadow Trail. 14 Moorhens in meadow. (CB and JS)

12th  Woodcock on the edge of Cloudy Pit. (D Payne)

13th  Red kite x 13! over meadow trail. (Trevor Coughlan)
         First peacock butterfly of the year. (MB)
Peacock butterfly

14th  B-h gulls x 230, common gull x 12, green sandpipers x 3, tufted ducks x 220,
         gadwall x 43, teal x 38, pochard x 20, shoveller x 18, widgeon x 98,
         goldeneye x 4, goosander x 3, buzzard x 2, goldcrest, treecreeper, linnet x 5,
         meadow pipit x 4, grey wagtail, lapwing. (Terry Brown)

16th  Gadwall x 23, teal x 50, shoveller x 24, goldeneye x 9, pochard x 40,
         tufted duck x 200, widgeon x 110, oystercatcher, green sandpiper x 4,
         great white egret, red kite, buzzard, lapwing x100, common gull x 118,
         b-h gull x 275,  yellowhammer x 13, reed bunting x 5, linnet x 100, skylark x 2.
         Goosander x 2 on river, bullfinch, g-c grebe. (Terry Brown)
17th  Goldfinch x 9, (+ black warbler?) near beach. (JS)
         Rabbit x 6 +1, on the meadow. (NB)
         Shelduck x 2, Cetti's warbler, stonechat, siskin, great white egret (Quarry) (GR)

18th  Blue tit, b-h gull, wren, great tit, robin, dunnock, coal tit x 3 ?, crow,
         wood pigeon,

19th  Blue tit, great tit, grey squirrel, wren, heron, cormorant, dunnock, buzzard,
         red kite, house sparrow, common gull, blackbird, starling, tufted duck, teal,
         shoveller, greenfinch. (Chloe, James, Jake, Sharon, Auntie).

20th  Woodcock on the meadow trail. (AH)

22nd  A bat, too big for a pipistrelle over the yard, goldcrest x 2 on meadow trail,
          tree creeper at Kingfisher hide, buzzards displaying, brimstones and
          Holly blue reported. Song thrush singing, yellow legged gull? on
          Heronry South where there were two green sandpipers and over 40 pochard.

22nd  Cetti's warbler (heard by Cloudy Lake), Bullfinch (on birch tree by Rudd Lake)
          Greenfinch (on tree by meadow towards Visitor Centre)
          Goldeneye (3 on NE corner of Heronry North Lake)
          Reed bunting & Yellowhammer mixed flock on arable field no. 14 on
          Heron Trail map)
          Green sandpiper (on Heronry South Lake)
          Common gull (on Heronry South Lake), Kestrel, Buzzard, Goosander
          Lovely nature reserve, Kind regards, Eduardo

23rd   Goosander pair on Island Pit (RS)
          Swan, coot, great tit, robin, blue tit, l-t tit and crow on River Trail. (CM)

24th   Green sandpiper and goosander pair.
          blue tit, coal tit (?) male reed-bunting.

25th   G-s woodpecker, teal, gt tit, blue tit, robin, wren, tufted duck, mallard,
          blackbird, chaffinch, greenfinch, cormorant, grey heron, l-t tit, magpie,
          robin, goldeneye. All at the Hayden Hide. (TY)

26th  Green sandpiper x 2, red admiral.
         B-h gull x 240, gadwall x 17, common gull x 21, moorhen x 31,
         great crested grebe x 10, widgeon x 70, goldeneye x 9,  teal x 20, shoveller x 9,
         pochard x 43, tufted duck x 180, linnet x 120, yellowhammer x 20,
         sparrow hawk, buzzard, oystercatcher, little egret, lapwing, green sandpiper x 2,
         brimstone butterfly. (Terry Brown)

27th  Cetti's Warbler on Meadow Trail, (MW)
         Song thrush singing on Heron trail (AH)
         Comma butterfly on Meadow Trail (JS)

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

January 2019

Happy New Year to all you birders out there.

Our New Year's Day Ice-breaker was a very enjoyable event for all of us at Paxton. I took 27 people on the traditional tick-and-twitch walk at ten o'clock but we struggled at first to see many birds at all. When we tallied up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that we had totalled 38 species. Trevor Gunton kept the tally for the day which must have been around the 50 species mark. Highlights for us were green sandpipers and goldeneyes.

The car park was full all day and people parked quite a long way up the Haul Road, so I'm guessing that we had well over a thousand visitors of whom 200 came into the Visitor Centre.
My list for the day was as follows:

1st  Dunnock, robin, blackbird, redwing, herring gull, b-h gull, common gull,
       lb-b gull, shoveller, wigeon, gadwall, teal, mallard, goldeneye, tufted duck,
       pochard, moorhen, coot, grey heron, mute swan, green sandpiper, lapwing,
       crow, jackdaw, wood pigeon, stock-dove, great tit, blue tit, l-t tit, goldcrest, chaffinch,
       buzzard, red kite, pied wagtail, green woodpecker, reed bunting. (Heronry Lakes.)

The car park on New Year's Day.

2nd  Gadwall x 30, shoveller x 11, wigeon x 85, pochard x 33, teal x 47, goldeneye x 13,
        tufted duck x 190, goosander x 4, sparrowhawk, buzzard, water rail, grey wagtail,
        reed bunting x 4, moorhen x 23, common gull x 6, b-h gull x 75, goldfinch x 7.
        (Terry Brown)

3rd  Red legged partridge x 4, green sandpiper. Heronry Lakes. (Alan Coles)

5th  Robin x 3 on bird table, cormorant, wren, blue tit, great tit, dunnock, mute swan.

6th Green sandpiper, goosander. Heronry Lakes. (PC)
      B-h gull x165, common gull x 14, gadwall x 28, shoveller x 11, teal x 48,
      wigeon x 54, pochard x 34, tufted duck x 230, green sandpiper x 4, goosander x 4,
      goldeneye x 9, moorhen x 25, mallard x 30, stock dove x 3, meadow pipit x 3,
      great crested grebe x 10. (Terry Brown)

8th  Greylag goose x 21, mute swan x 8, shoveller x 22, wigeon x 25, mallard x 27,
       teal x 2, pochard x 2, tufted duck x 35, goldeneye x 9, pheasant, stock dove x 52,
       Woodpigeon x 12, moorhen x 18, green sandpiper x 2, b-h gull x 205, herring gull,
       cormorant x33, heron x2, magpie x 9, rook x12, carrion crow x9, blue tit x16,
       robin, blackbird x2, great tit x3, l-t tit x9, dunnock x 4, bullfinch x4, goldfinch x18.
       Heronry Lakes.(R. Mackey)
A pair of gadwall.

10th Snipe on Heronry South plus two on great meadow (MRH and Jim Stevenson)

13th Weather: Dull grey and overcast with the sun trying to poke it's head out without success.
        Tufted duck, cormorant, moorhen, teal, wigeon, pintail, goldeneye x 6,
        goosander, mute swan, green sandpiper x 2 chasing each other around
        in what could be courtship, mallard, black headed gull, herring gull,
        long tailed tit, gt tit, blue tit, blackbird, redwing x 3, grey heron x 3,
        dunnock, wren, robin x 2, magpie, rook,  c crow, jackdaw, wood pigeon
        common buzzard, pheasant, (Paul Lawrence)
Drake wigeon.
13th  Goosander x 2 on river, (also on Heronry North (Ann Thomas) female smew
         and little owl in the quarry. (GR)
         Linnet x 2 and shovellers on river trail. (SAB)

15th  Goosander x 4, gadwall x 20, widgeon x 97, mallard x 19, shoveller x 33, teal x 30,
         tufted duck x 180, goldeneye x 7, pochard x 93, great crested grebe, mute swan x 29,
         moorhen 43, b-h gull x 200, moorhen x 43, common gull x 19, reed bunting x 2,
         grey wagtail, green sandpiper, buzzard, redwing x 4.
         Goosander, sparrow hawk and gadwall on Heronry South. (Colin)

17th  Third Thursday Walk.
          blackbird, b-h gull, blue tit, crow, chaffinch, common gull, cormorant,
          dunnock, gadwall, g-s woodpecker, great tit, green sandpiper, green woodpecker,
          greenfinch, heron, jackdaw, l-t tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen, mute swan,
          pheasant, pied wagtail, red kite, robin, shoveller, song-thrush, teal, tufted duck,
          widgeon, wood pigeon, goldeneye. (32 spp.) David Wilson.
18th  Egyptian Goose on Heronry (Tony Baker)

19th  Red crested pochard, coot, Weedy Pit. Teal, heron, mallard, moorhen, widgeon,
         shoveler, pheasant, chaffinch, robin, blue tit, l-t tit, mute swan, stock dove,
         cormorant, gadwall, buzzard  (JD and PM Gough)
         Bullfinch. (S Longfield)

21st  Gadwall x 23, teal x 55, widgeon x 66, tufted duck x 210, shoveler x 18,
         Pochard x 49, goldeneye x 14, b-h gull x 125, common gull x 10,
         green sandpiper x 4, red kite, treecreeper, little egret, goosander x 2,
         g-c grebe x 10, reed bunting x 4, fieldfare x 3, reed bunting  x 4, fieldfare, muntjac,
         grey squirrel. (Terry Brown)

30th  We spotted a Water Rail at the SW corner of Washout Pit this afternoon
         30th Jan. (Ian and Diana Crosby)

31st  Great white egret over VC. (A&M T)

Friday, 7 December 2018

December 2018

1st-2nd 42 species seen by Trevor Gunton:
      Mallard, teal, gadwall, shoveller 70+, tufted duck, pochard x 8, goldeneye x 4,
      goosander, moorhen, mute swan, Canada goose, greylag goose, grey heron,
      great white egret, little egret, great crested grebe, sparrowhawk, red kite, great tit,
      blue tit, siskin, tree creeper, g-s woodpecker, carrion crow, jackdaw, magpie,
      wood pigeon, stockdove, collared dove, lapwing, snipe, green sandpiper x 6,
      starling, pied wagtail, grey wagtail, chaffinch, dunnock, starling, blackbird,
      redwing, fieldfare, kingfisher.

2nd  Great white egret and goosander on the Heronry Lakes. (AT)

4th  Green sandpiper x 5, gadwall x 50, teal x 72, shoveller x 43, mallard x 34,
       pintail x 5, goldeneye x 3, pochard x16, wigeon x 27, tufted duck x 143,
       female scaup, redwing x 25, moorhen x 26, common gull x 12, grey wagtail,
       lapwing x 2, b.h gull x 120, snipe, little grebe x 3. (Terry Brown)

6th  Green sandpiper x 3 squabbling, grey wagtail x 2, drake pintail
       on Heronry North. (JK)
       40 fieldfares over the visitor centre. (Colin Burgh)

7th  Redwing x 16, shoveller x 22, gadwall x 6, wigeon x 20, tufted duck x 16,
       lapwing x 4, green sandpiper x 3 all from the Hayden Hide. (JC and MB)

9th  Great white egret plus little egret on the heronry lakes. (Daisy Nevard)
       Gadwall, goldeneye and Cetti's warbler on Heronry North. (PC)

13th Raven mobbing a buzzard.

14th Bullfinch, green sandpiper, green woodpecker, g.s. woodpecker,
        goldeneye, redwing and black squirrel on the river trail. (JAS)
        Green sandpiper x 2, goldeneye x 3, red kite. (Roger Buxton)

15th Red kite (KG W)
Green woodpecker.

16th Red kite, goldcrest (PC) Green sandpiper x 4 teal, grey heron. (HS)

20th Third Thursday Walk (David Wilson):
Blackbird, bh gull, blue tit, bullfinch, crow, chaffinch, common gull, coot,
cormorant, dunnock, gadwall, goldfinch, great tit, green sandpiper, heron,
herring gull, jackdaw, kestrel, lapwing, lt tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen,
mute swan, pied wagtail, red kite, robin, rook, treecreeper, shoveller, starling,
teal, tufted duck, wigeon, wood pigeon, wren, Canada goose, goldeneye, pintail,
grey wagtail. (41 spp.)

20th Gadwall x 36, tufted duck x 163, teal x 68, shoveller x 39, pintail x 3,
        pochard x 25, wigeon x 63, green sandpiper x 5, water rail, lapwing x 166,
        bullfinch x 4, goldcrest x 2, moorhen x 27, goldeneye x 12, b-h gull x 76,
        common gull x 40. (Terry Brown)

21st BADGER crossing the river trail near back of Env Ed Centre at 11:30 am.
        (Colin B)

22nd Brown rat at Hayden Hide feeding station. (AC)
         Great white egret and two pintail  (HS and TG)

27th Robin, great tit, cormorant, grey squirrel x 2 (Phoebe, Imogen and Sophie)

29th Pintail, sparrowhawk, shoveller, tufted duck, gadwall, teal, robin,
        mute swan and great tit at the Hayden Hide. (Chloe, Jake and Sharon)

30th Mute swan x 10, shoveler x 5, gadwall x 5, mallard x 16, teal x 13,
        tufted duck x 23, pheasant x 2, woodpigeon x 6, moorhen x 14,
        green sandpiper x 5, b-h gull x 82, cormorant x 7, heron, red kite,
        magpie x 2, crow x 14, blue tit x 8, robin x 3, blackbird, dunnock,
        grey wagtail, pied wagtail, chaffinch x 2, wren, l-t tit, goldcrest. (R. Mackey)
        Goldeneye, g-c grebe on Island Pit, wigeon on Sailing Lake.

Happy New Year to all of you. This is Paxton Pits' 30th Birthday!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

November 2018

3rd  Almost all of the egrets disappeared this week. Perhaps they are at
       Grafham Water? (Actually I looked and they are not!)
       A great spotted woodpecker was seen near the river viewpoint
       along with a red kite, and redwings.

       Have you noticed the lack of rabbits? They have all but disappeared locally
       due to Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD-2). This new disease affects hares too.
       This is all bad news if you are a rabbit or a hare, but also if you are a fox, kite,
       buzzard or other predator.

       Rabbits have played a major role in habitat management here, for better or worse.
       If they disappear I think the consequences will be mixed but the effect on
       vegetation will be profound, unless they bounce back, which I believe they will.

3rd  GS Woodpecker near river.

4th  Another GS Woodpecker and a shrew at the Hayden Hide. Snipe x 2, green
Wren at the Kingfisher Hide.
       sandpiper x 4, great white egret and little egret at the kingfisher Hide.

9th  Bullfinches, common sandpiper, common gull, redwings on the Heron Trail.

14th The first goosanders of the season, in the form of four young birds on the
        Heronry Lakes.

15th Third Thursday Walk:
         Blackbird, b.h gull, blue tit, bullfinch, crow, chaffinch, cormorant, dunnock,
         gadwall, goldfinch, great tit, green sandpiper, green woodpecker, heron,
         house sparrow, jackdaw, lapwing, lesser b.b. gull, little grebe, magpie, mallard,
         moorhen, mute swan, pheasant, robin, feral pigeon, rook, collared dove, shoveler,
         teal, tufted duck, widgeon, wood pigeon, wren, Canada goose, goldeneye,
         goosander (4), grey wagtail x2. (38 spp.) Report by David Wilson.

Thursday's list from Margaret Bailey.

16th Woodcock, redwing and fieldfare in the Great Meadow. (DM McCarthy)

17th Green sandpiper, grey wagtail on Heronry South ( AT)

18th G W Egret and muntjac at the Kingfisher Hide (MH)

21st On Wednesday we had a brilliant talk about Bees from Brian Eversham. I learned an awful lot. While the audience of fifty plus was assembling, I looked out the window to see a kingfisher perched on the edge of Weedy Pit. Migrant blackbirds and redwings were feeding on berries in the car park and I was tempted to sneak out for a better look. While I wasn't looking the following happened:
"Just after arriving this afternoon I spotted the GWE landing at the back of Weedy Pit. This seemed to drive out a Bittern which led to a “Face Off” for a minute or two. I took several pictures and have attached one for you."

Derek Hale (A birder from the IOW)
Thanks Derek. Nice one!
Photo by Derek Hale
22nd Gadwall x 96, mallard x 55, Teal x 40, shoveller x 23, pochard x 5, goldeneye x 8,
         tufted duck x 142, green sandpiper x 2, snipe, buzzard, tree-creeper,
         common gull x 13, mute swan x 42, bullfinch x 4. (Terry Brown)

24th Pochard, tufted duck, gadwall, mute swan, shoveller, GW Egret. (Katharine Hall)
        Peregrine at river viewpoint, low and fast. (Jim Stevenson)
        Blue tits, dunnock, chaffinch, robin, magpie, blackbird, redwing,
        moorhen and squirrel at the VC. (Kati Page.)

25th Female Scaup from Kingfisher Hide, redwings, continental blackbirds and mixed
        finches on arable. Redhead Smew in the quarry, plus 180 Golden Plover over.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

October Sightings 2018

In the first week of October great white egrets dominate the news with at least seven on site most of the time. The dry weather remains and  there is no sign of a good north-easter that might blow us some birds. You might have noticed that the number of jays is building up rapidly across the country as they flood in from Europe in search of acorns.

The Heron Trail near the Hayden Hide.

Great white egret numbers appear to fluctuate but in reality 3 to five stay around every day and the maximum was seven.

October: Not too late for a grass snake.
1st:  Chiffchaff on Heron Trail, small copper on Meadow Trail. (PS)

2nd:  Red kite, sparrow hawk, great white egret x 5, g.s.woodpecker,
         yellowhammer, g.c.grebe. (SD)

3rd:  Hayden Hide: Great white egret x 3, little egret x x 6, heron x 6
        lapwing x 20 (AT)

4th:  Heronry Lakes: Green sandpiper, great white egret, kingfisher. (CM)

5th  Looking out of the ranger's office window I noticed thousands
       of ladybirds in the wildlife garden and swarming over the building.
       On my walk to empty the dog bin I noticed that they were all over the
       reserve and then I was told by the BBC that this is a national (and natural)
       They were all harlequin ladybirds; a recent arrival from Asia.
       The swarm was still continuing on the 11th.

Harlequin ladybird.

6th:   Visitor Centre: Black squirrel, grey squirrel, wood pigeon, great tit, blue tit,
         dunnock, robin, blackbird, collared dove, goldfinch, chaffinch, magpie, crow.

7th:   Snipe x 2, great white egret x 7, green sandpiper x 2 (+),  (PC and RCU)

8th:   Green sandpiper x 2, common snipe x 2, Great white egret x 4, little egret x 7,
         grey heron x 7, dunnock, chaffinch, great tit, blue tit, green woodpecker,
         gadwall, tufted duck, shoveller, widgeon, teal, mallard, lapwing, greylag,
         mute swan, canada goose. (BF)

Long-tailed tit.

9th:   Spotted flycatcher reported from Bill's Bench.

11th: Heronry Lakes: Great white egret x 5, little egret x 15, snipe, green sandpiper x 6,
         bullfinches, a small flock of redwings, buzzard, red kite, sparrow hawk,
         kingfisher x 3, wren. Willow emerald at Bill's Bench (Post 2), common darter,
         migrant hawker, red admiral, green veined white, speckled wood.

        Kingfisher seen fleeing from heron, green sandpiper x 4, common snipe,
buzzard x2, green woodpecker, white wagtail, great white egret, jay,
        kingfisher flew into Cobham hide briefly! Teal, shoveller, pintail! Partridge, lapwing
   ….41 spp seen..(JC+JG)
Large red underwing moth. Hayden Hide.

12th Female ruff (reeve) Hayden hide. (CB)

16th Red kite x 2, gadwallx50, widgeon x 42, teal x 80, shoveller x 34,
        tufted duck x 55, great white egret x 3, green sandpiper x 6, little egret x 8,
        grey wagtail, yellowhammer x 2, cormorant x 110, greylag goose x 140,
        snipe, jay, little grebe, common gull x 9, bh gull x 90, treecreeper x 2,
        water rail, lapwing x 15, linnet x 6, Cetti's warbler, kingfisher,
        skylark x 6.(Terry Brown)
Third Thursday Walk: (Margaret Bailey
 18th Black-headed Gull x 10,  Blue Tit x 5, Canada Goose x 4, Chaffinch x 2, 
         Cormorant x 14, Gadwall x 4, Great Crested Grebe, Great White Egret x 6,
         Green Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail x 2,  Jackdaw, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 
         Long-tailed Tit x 3, Mallard x 10, Mute Swan x 7, Robin x 2, Shoveler x 8, 
         Starling x 15, Tufted Duck x 7+, Woodpigeon x 8. Blackbird, Buzzard x 2,
         Carrion Crow, Collared Dove x 2, Dunnock x 5, Goldfinch, Great Tit x 3, 
         Green Sandpiper x 6,  Grey Heron x 6, Greylag Goose x 25, Lapwing, 
         Little Egret x 7, Magpie, Moorhen x 5, Pied/White Wagtail, Rook x 2, Snipe, 
         Teal x 5+, Wigeon x 2, Wren.
         Total number of species 40. Why not come along next time?

22nd Sparrow, great tit at the VC (Leo)

23rd Seen in Heronry Lake: Great White Egret 6, Little Egret 8, Heron 10+,
        Lapwing 1, Common Snipe 2, Green Sandpiper at least 3 (very mobile),
        Gadwall 40+, Shoveler, Teal, Widgeon,  Goldeneye 2 male,
        Green Woodpecker 1, Bullfinch 1, Buzzard 1 etc. Common Darter 1
        (Andrew Lee)
        Widgeon x 38, gadwall x 37, bh gull x 400, tufted duck x 90,
        little egret x 7, shoveler x 26, teal x 46, great white egret x 4,
        green sandpiper x 6, common gull x 9, goldeneye x 2, pintail x 3, goldcrest x 2,
        siskin, Cetti's  warbler, yellowhammer, buzzard field fare. (Terry Brown)

24th Grey heron, widgeon, robin, blue tit, grey squirrel, mute swan, magpie,
        great white egret at the Kingfisher Hide (L Brooks, TWC and MWC)

25th Great white egret x 2, grey wagtail, green sandpiper x 7, pintail x 4,
        red-crested pochard (fm), buzzard x 2. (Heronry Pits M Dawes.)

26th Mute swan, gadwall, mallard, crow, cormorant, bh gull, shoveler,
        magpie, coot, teal, common sandpiper, moorhen, pheasant, lapwing,
        great white egret x 4, green sandpiper x 3, widgeon x 2, great tit,
        blue tit, robin, pied wagtail, chaffinch, dunnock, wood pigeon,
        snipe pintail x 2, kestrel x 2 (Heronry, R Mackey)

27th Great white egret, green sandpiper, lapwing (Heronry Lakes)
        Blue tit, great tits (coal tit?), house sparrow, dunnock, robin
        at the bird-table. (CM.)

28th Bullfinch, reed bunting at the moorings. (PC) 

30th Sparrowhawk, red kite, cormorant, little egret x 3 at the VC. (JAS)

31st Tufted duck x 90, widgeon x 39, gadwall x 29, shoveller x 23, teal x 43, green sandpiper x 6, snipe, buzzard, red kite, jay x 2, goldcrest, kingfisher, redwing x 4, bullfinch.