Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Haul Road/A1 Pits: A good selection of various passerines are now being attracted to the fields between A1 South Pit and Haul Road. There are various seed producing crops & plenty of weedy areas for birds to feed in so these fields could be worth keeping an eye on this autumn/winter. Here's a tally of stuff seen in the areas this morning:

Sparrowhawk, 1, male.
Skylark, 9
Meadow Pipit, 6
Redwing, 4
Fieldfare, 2
Mistle Thrush, 1
Dunnock, 3
Jay, 8 (over)
Tree Sparrow, 1+
Goldfinch, 27
Greenfinch, 6
Chaffinch, 11
Linnet, c.60
Reed Bunting, 54
Yellowhammer, 8