Friday, 23 March 2018

March 17th to 21st

17th  Blue tit, goldfinch, blackbird, redwing, great tit, marsh tit (?), coal tit.....(CM)
         Siskin x 5 at feers in Hayden Hide, red kite over. (AH)
Male reed bunting at the Hayden Hide. (Dave Hunter)
18th  Pintail x 4 (Quarry) (GR)
         Redwing 18, tufted duck 110, gadwall 12, wigeon 16, siskin 6,
         shoveler 7, buzzard, yellowhammer 40, oystercatcher 2, lapwing, teal 3,
         goldeneye 5, bullfinch 3. (Terry Brown). 3 Redwings at Hayling Lake (AH)
Scarlet elf-cup fungus.

20th  Cormorant, 48 to 50 occupied nests on Heronry South (TG)
         Bittern flew across Weedy Pit. (Colin) Reed bunting at Hayden Hide. (SB)

21st   Scarlet elf-cup fungus at Dodder Fen. (J McD)

23rd  Jay at Heronry South, 52 tufted ducks on Heronry North, weasel, fallow deer (reported twice)  by Great Meadow, 3 goosanders on river, two pairs of buzzard courting, 6 Canada geese on Sailing Lake. (JAS)
A colony of bank voles in village. (TG)

Weasel (Peter Cariuk)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

March 10th to 16th

Great crested newt
14th  Great crested newts in garden pond. (JAS)
         Cormorant Count: 36-38 active nests. Great crested grebe
         displaying. (Heronry South). Goosander x 2 at moorings.
         Wild plum in flower.
Common toad

15th  Third Thursday Walk.
         Blackbird, b-h gull, bluetit, bullfinch, crow, chaffinch, cormorant,
         dunnock, gadwall, goldcrest, goldfinch, g-c grebe, g-s woodpecker,
         great tit, green woodpecker, heron, greylag goose, jackdaw, l-b-b gull,
         l-t tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen, mute swan, oystercatcher, redwing,
         robin, rook, shoveler, collared dove, song thrush, starling, tufted duck,
         wigeon, wood pigeon, wren, canada goose, goldeneye. (38 spp. DW)

         Toads spawning in dragonfly pond. (DM and JAS)

Gadwall pair

16th  Wren in woodpile by garden pond,  goldcrests x 2 pairs in
         Ray House Garden, brimstone butterfly, coal tit in garden, muntjac x 2
         in meadow. Buzzards courting over Lafarge Plant, chiff-chaffs singing at
         Ray House, River View and Cobham Hide. Song thrush singing at
         fisherman's car park.  Moorhen at garden pond. Kestrel in car park.
         Coltsfoot in flower on edge of car park, primroses at Ray House,
         pussy willow (JAS)


Friday, 9 March 2018

February 24th to March 9th


25th  Bullfinch near car park (PC), Sparrowhawk, redwings (TG and Su)

Long tailed tit eating fat off it's foot.
2nd   Bullfinch and 5 redpolls in car park; goosanders, siskin, jay, sparrow hawk,
         muntjac at river viewpoint; 5 robins, reed bunting, vole, lt tits, goldfinches, dunnock
         and song thrush in garden. (JAS)
Goosanders at the River Viewpoint.

3rd:  Goldcrest collecting cow hair (Great Meadow). Muntjac at Riverside,
         courting dunnocks (2m and 1 fm) on Heron trail near viewing ramp. (Sophie B).
         Woodmouse below feeders.
         Redwing under feeders. Badgers active in sett by the Hayling Lake. (JAS)

4th:  Adult winter Little Gull drifted low north east over west side of Little Paxton
        village early afternoon. (JW)
        Egyptian Geese (2)  Heronry South. (TG)

A Common gull with black-headed gulls on the Rudd Pit.
9th:  Muntjac in meadow by VC. Goldeneye on Heronry North, grey heron, carrion crow,
        buzzard, stock dove, barn owl (pellets), otter spraint, singing song thrush, dunnock,
        robin and wren on the Heron Trail. Tufted ducks, gadwall, teal, mallard,
        great crested grebe, ketrel, cormorants, mute swan, coots, all around Heronry South.
        Moorhen at garden pond.  (JAS)

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Adult winter Little Gull drifted low north east over west side of Little Paxton village early afternoon. (JW)