Friday, 25 August 2017

20th to 25th August 2017


Wasp spider
(By Dawn Earl)
20th: Blue tit, woodpigeon, robin, goldfinch, greenfinch, great tit, mute swan, song thrush, house sparrow. (Lucy Thomson)

22nd: Brown rat dark bush cricket, Conopid fly, hover fly (Volucolla inznis) plus two unidentified Ichneumon flies. Little egret.

23rd: Wasp spider, migrant hawker, meadow brown, common blue, brown argus, speckled wood, small white, kingfisher, little egret, bullfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, goldfinch. (JAS)
Yellowhapmmer (2) reed warbler, painted lady and speckled wood.

24th: Wheatear (Lafarge Yard) hobby, kingfisher, lesser whitethroat, buzzard.
Small heath, brown argus and common blue, plus yellow-wort (Redlands field)

25th: Comma, brown argus, speckled wood, red admiral, peacock, green-veined white, brimstone, small tortoiseshell, wasp spider, common and ruddy darters, migrant hawker, brown hawker, emperor.


11th to 18th August 2017

11th: Brimstone, peacock, sm. tortoiseshell, speckled wood, holly blue, small white, migrant hawker, brown hawker, emperor, common darter, red admiral, small copper.
Hobby, kingfisher, c 70 sand martins, house martins, swallows and swift. Little egeret,  (JAS)
Brown Argus
Buzzard 2 hobbies, green woodpecker, GS woodpecker, gatekeeper and ruddy darter. (SA)

13th: Eleven (11) little egrets from Bill's bench.

15th: Water rail calling, brown argus, ringlet, gatekeeper and meadow brown, southern hawker and common darter.

17th: Widgeon, sparrow hawk (Hayden Hide), (R Marchant) 5 Egyptian geese.

18th:  Third Thursday Walk: Mute swan, greylag, Canada goose, widgeon, gadwall, mallard, gt. crested grebe, cormorant, little egret, grey heron, buzzard, moorhen, coot, black headed gull, stock dove, woodpigeon, collared dove, green woodpecker, dunnock, robin, chiff chaff, l.t tit, blue tit, great tit, common crow,
Large white, small white, meadow brown, speckled wood, wasp spider, froglet, grey squirrel, Rat with snake at the Hayden Hide.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

1st to 7th August 2017

August 1st: Brown argus, (AH)
                   3 Kingfishers, hobby (Jane Goode)

August 2nd: Grass snake and goldfinch at Hayden Hide. (Abi and Emily Blaxill)
                     "Funnel spider" by the hide. (Noel Wright)
                     Great crested grebe from hide. (CB)

August 5th:  Otters (mum and two cubs) Heronry South. (J.L.)
August 6th:  Clouded yellow butterfly near dragonfly pond. (D.M.)
August 7th:  Great white egret. (P.C.) Musk Beetle.

Grass snake moulting.


July 22nd to 31st 2017

Wasp spider (from beneath).

Saturday July 22nd: 2 Fox cubs opposite sailing lake (Joyce Stones)
                                  Great White Egret, hobby, little egret, buzzard. Lots of dragonflies. (GFF)

July 23rd: Kingfisher, little egret, 10 house martins, willow warbler, chiff-chaff,
                 sedge warbler (Terry Brown)

July 25th: Great tits, song thrush, grey wagtail, blackbird, blue tit. (Ben)
                 Wasp spiders, grass snake, baby toads and frogs, buzzard,
                  great white egret and hobby. (GFF)

July 30th: Adult grass snake Cloudy Pit. Baby frogs.

July 31st: Great tit and wren.

Little egret.