Wednesday, 6 November 2019

November 2019

The month began with mild conditions, but with some windy days followed by a lot of rain. The lakes and river rose noticeably.

The Heronry South Lake after rain.
November 3rd: Mink near the Offord Pumphouse intake,

November 5th: Blue tits, wood pigeon, house sparrows, magpie, great tit, robin, squirrels and a cat in the VC garden.

November 6th: Heronry Lakes: Green sandpiper, goldeneye drake. Kite attempting t lift something from the lake, disrupted crows and gulls. Lapwing x 10. (TG)

The "Bus -Stop" hide.
Little egret, buzzard, goldcrest, kestrel and many wildfowl about. (JAS)

Water levels rising fast. The Great Ouse may flood this week.
Mallard x 22, Cormorant x 12, g-c grebe x 13, shoveler x 15, teal x 17, wigeon x 120, gadwall x 170, tufted duck x 75, goldeneye x 4, mute swan x 49, Canada goose x 115, greylag x 100, common gull, lapwing x 10, green sandpiper x 3, b-h gull x 110, moorhen x 16, red kite, sparrowhawk, goldfinch, blue tit, great tit, woodpigeon, robin, jackdaw, l-t tit, heron, wren, blackbird, magpie, coot, redwing x 10, bullfinch, goldcrest x 3, jay, green woodpecker, collared dove. (39 spp. Terry Brown.)

November 8th: G-s woodpecker, sparrow hawk, wigeon, gadwall, mallard, teal, lapwings and shovelers, + lots of fungi.
Gadwall, teal, mallard, wigeon, tufted duck, mute swan, cormorant, heron, g-c grebe, little grebe, coot, crow, magpie, robin, dunnock, blue tit, great tit, l-t tit, g-s woodpecker, woodpigeon, kestrel, jackdaw, blackbird.

November 9th: Kingfishers (x 2?) at Garden pond by the VC. Wren great tit and blue tit. (Kelsey)

November 10th: Bittern over Pumphouse Pit.

November 12th: Shovelers x 3 on the Hayling Pit.

Terry Brown entering his sightings in the log.
November 13th: Wigeon x 44, gadwall x 46, teal x 16, mallard x 12, shoveler x 3, tufted duck x 104, greylag x 75, g-c grebe x 9, green sandpiper x 2, mute swan x 36, b-h gull x 50, Canada goose x 98, moorhen x 7, little grebe, cormorant x 8, song thrush, lapwing x 2, heron, redwing x 8, kingfisher, water rail, pheasant, skylark x 3, yellowhammer, wood pigeon, l-t tit, wren, flieldfare x 2, goldfinch, green woodpecker, bullfinch x 4, blue tit, robin, great tit, magpie, greenfinch, dunnock, chaffinch, blackbird, coot, brow, jackdaw. (44spp. Terry Brown)

November 14th: Coot, moorhen, wigeon, tufted duck, mallard, shoveler, gadwall, b-h gull, cormorant, heron, mute swan, green woodpecker, magpie, crow, jay, jackdaw, blue tit, great tit, robin, starling, woodpigeon, kingfisher, redwing, blackbird, reed bunting, chaffinch, wren.

Cormorant roost: 101 birds at 16:00 (TG)

November 20th: Tony Plant from the St Ives U3A sent us these photos from his visit today. The group spotted this unusual bird of prey in a tree at the River Viewpoint. It's an American Harris' Hawk and I don't think it flew in from Arizona! Thanks Tony.

November 21st: Wigeon flock, gadwall, swans, moorhen, coot, tufted duck, redwings, robin, goldfinch, magpie, pigeon, crow, blackbird, cormorant, wren, great tit, dunnock, collared dove.
(+ Rats and squirrels)

Third Thursday Walk:
Blackbird, black-headed gull, blue tit, cormorant, coot, crow, dunnock, gadwall, goldfish, great tit, green woodpecker, jackdaw, l-t-tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen, mute swan, redwing, robin, feral pigeon, collared dove, shoveler, teal, tufted duck, wigeon, wood pigeon, wren, pheasant, stock dove, g-s woodpecker, pied wagtail, jay, linnet. (33 spp) David Wilson.

Otter on Rudd Pit.

November 23rd: Squirrel x 2, great tit, robin, magpie, collared dove, blue tit, (tree sparrow?)

Tawny owl reported calling in the village. TG.

November 25th: Otter on Heronry North visiting tern rafts.