Thursday, 7 February 2019

February 2019

2nd   Robin, blue tit, dunnock at the VC (Paige)

3rd    Goosanders on river. (PC) Green sandpiper x 2 and grey wagtail on the 
         Heronry Lakes (AND)
         Fieldfare x 20 on the Great Meadow. (CP) Wren

6th    Great white egret on Weedy Pit (Later Heronry ) (WS and JS)
         Muntjac buck in garden, rabbit in the meadow. Many pheasants on the arable
         and one in garden.
         Two muntjac plus goldeneye x 4, goosander, green sandpiper, bullfinch
         on Heronry North.

9th    Goosander x 5 on the river, goldeneye x 2, green sandpiper, bullfinch x 2. (JH)
         Tufted duck, green woodpecker, coots, long-tailed tits. (CK)

10th  Bullfinch x 2 on Heron Trail (PC)

11th  Song thrush singing, green-finch singing, goosander pair, long-tailed tits,
         goldeneye on the Meadow Trail. 14 Moorhens in meadow. (CB and JS)

12th  Woodcock on the edge of Cloudy Pit. (D Payne)

13th  Red kite x 13! over meadow trail. (Trevor Coughlan)
         First peacock butterfly of the year. (MB)
Peacock butterfly

14th  B-h gulls x 230, common gull x 12, green sandpipers x 3, tufted ducks x 220,
         gadwall x 43, teal x 38, pochard x 20, shoveller x 18, widgeon x 98,
         goldeneye x 4, goosander x 3, buzzard x 2, goldcrest, treecreeper, linnet x 5,
         meadow pipit x 4, grey wagtail, lapwing. (Terry Brown)

16th  Gadwall x 23, teal x 50, shoveller x 24, goldeneye x 9, pochard x 40,
         tufted duck x 200, widgeon x 110, oystercatcher, green sandpiper x 4,
         great white egret, red kite, buzzard, lapwing x100, common gull x 118,
         b-h gull x 275,  yellowhammer x 13, reed bunting x 5, linnet x 100, skylark x 2.
         Goosander x 2 on river, bullfinch, g-c grebe. (Terry Brown)
17th  Goldfinch x 9, (+ black warbler?) near beach. (JS)
         Rabbit x 6 +1, on the meadow. (NB)
         Shelduck x 2, Cetti's warbler, stonechat, siskin, great white egret (Quarry) (GR)

18th  Blue tit, b-h gull, wren, great tit, robin, dunnock, coal tit x 3 ?, crow,
         wood pigeon,

19th  Blue tit, great tit, grey squirrel, wren, heron, cormorant, dunnock, buzzard,
         red kite, house sparrow, common gull, blackbird, starling, tufted duck, teal,
         shoveller, greenfinch. (Chloe, James, Jake, Sharon, Auntie).

20th  Woodcock on the meadow trail. (AH)

22nd  A bat, too big for a pipistrelle over the yard, goldcrest x 2 on meadow trail,
          tree creeper at Kingfisher hide, buzzards displaying, brimstones and
          Holly blue reported. Song thrush singing, yellow legged gull? on
          Heronry South where there were two green sandpipers and over 40 pochard.

22nd  Cetti's warbler (heard by Cloudy Lake), Bullfinch (on birch tree by Rudd Lake)
          Greenfinch (on tree by meadow towards Visitor Centre)
          Goldeneye (3 on NE corner of Heronry North Lake)
          Reed bunting & Yellowhammer mixed flock on arable field no. 14 on
          Heron Trail map)
          Green sandpiper (on Heronry South Lake)
          Common gull (on Heronry South Lake), Kestrel, Buzzard, Goosander
          Lovely nature reserve, Kind regards, Eduardo

23rd   Goosander pair on Island Pit (RS)
          Swan, coot, great tit, robin, blue tit, l-t tit and crow on River Trail. (CM)

24th   Green sandpiper and goosander pair.
          blue tit, coal tit (?) male reed-bunting.

25th   G-s woodpecker, teal, gt tit, blue tit, robin, wren, tufted duck, mallard,
          blackbird, chaffinch, greenfinch, cormorant, grey heron, l-t tit, magpie,
          robin, goldeneye. All at the Hayden Hide. (TY)

26th  Green sandpiper x 2, red admiral.
         B-h gull x 240, gadwall x 17, common gull x 21, moorhen x 31,
         great crested grebe x 10, widgeon x 70, goldeneye x 9,  teal x 20, shoveller x 9,
         pochard x 43, tufted duck x 180, linnet x 120, yellowhammer x 20,
         sparrow hawk, buzzard, oystercatcher, little egret, lapwing, green sandpiper x 2,
         brimstone butterfly. (Terry Brown)

27th  Cetti's Warbler on Meadow Trail, (MW)
         Song thrush singing on Heron trail (AH)
         Comma butterfly on Meadow Trail (JS)