Friday, 1 March 2019

March 2019

Badger gate in Peter's Field.
March 1st. What an amazing february we had! A false spring. The weather isn't so great now but still warmer than average. I see our badger gate is being used by badgers (I think). I also spotted an otter spraint at the River viewpoint.

Otter spraint at the River Viewpoint.
2nd:  Newt (great crested?) at Visitor Centre, (Rose) Kingfisher at Cobham Hide,

3rd:  First Sand Martin of the year at the quarry (JW); green sandpiper x 2 on
        the Heronry Lakes. (MD)also singing
        Chiffchaff  near Peter's Field. (still there on the 13th); 2 Oystercatchers.

5th:  Chiffchaff x 2, green sandpiper x 2, buzzard x 2, sparrowhawk, gadwall x10,
        teal x 21, shoveller x 11, wigeon x 90, pochard x 82, goldeneye x14,
        tufted duck x 245, g-c grebe x 13, b-h gull x 360, common gull x 14,
        linnet x 120, yellowhammer x 13, lapwing, reed bunting x 17, oystercatcher x 2
        (Terry Brown)

7th:  Treecreeper x 2, great tit, blue tit, robin (pr), reed bunting, g-s woodpecker,
        dunnock, tufted duck, shoveller, cormorant, grey heron, white fronted goose (!),
        common gull, b-h gull, wood pigeon, magpie, Canada goose, g-c grebe at the
        Hayden Hide. Plus muntjac and black squirrel at the Kingfisher Hide.
        (WP and WP)
Rooks, why does no-one ever report them?
They nest by the sailing lake.
8th:  Tree creeper, g-s woodpecker, reed bunting, gt tit, blue tit, l-t tit, heron,
        mute swan, tufted duck, cormorant, g-c grebe, teal on Heronry Lakes.
        reed bunting at the Visitor Centre .

9th:  Pheasant, blue tit, great tit, green woodpecker, gadwall, cormorant, tufted duck,
        l-t tit, grey heron, mute swan, g-c grebe, reed bunting, dunnock, collared dove.
        (Gill and Addy)

10th: Chiffchaff x 2, sand martin, green sandpiper, pochard x 86, goldeneye x 13,
         widgeon x 90, reed bunting x 17, oystercatcher x 2, tufted duck  x 175,
         teal x 37, yellowhammer x 8, shoveller x 13. (Terry Brown)
         Fox on the bank, heronry South. (PD JD)
         Blue tit, house sparrow, great tit x 3, g-s woodpecker. (PS/JS)

Now is the time to see grebes courting.
14th: Tufted duck x 210, shoveller x 12, teal x 28, widgeon x 55, pochard x 79,
         goldeneye x 13, oystercatcher x 2, g-c grebe x 14,green sandpiper x 2,
         yellowhammer x 30, linnet x 50, common gull x 70, b-h gull x 570, redwing x 2,
         jay, Cettis's warbler, chiffchaff. (Terry Brown)

17th: Green sandpiper x 6, treecreeper x 2.
         Smew x 2, little owl, woodcock in the quarry and A1 Pit. (GR)
         Goosander on the river PC.

18th: Common sandpiper and green sandpiper at the Kingfisher Hide (RS)

19th: Chiffchaff x 7, green sandpiper x 6, g-c grebe x 22, teal x 27, pochard x9,
         shoveller x 15, goldeneye x 15, tufted duck x 220, wigeon x 24,
         oystercatcher x 2, b-h gull x 850, common gull x 30, gadwall x 19,
         Cetti's warbler, yellowhammer x 13, linnet x 80. (Terry Brown)
Moorhens are also not reported much
but they are common here.
21st: Third Thursday Walk
         B-h gull, blue tit, buzzard, chaffinch, chiffchaff, common gull, cormorant,
         dunnock, gadwall, goldcrest,g-c grebe, great tit, green sandpiper,
         green woodpecker, grey heron, jackdaw, l-t tit, magpie, mallard, moorhen,
         mute swan, pheasant, pochard, reed bunting, robin, rook, collared dove,
         tree creeper, shoveller, song thrush, sparrowhawk, teal, tufted duck,
         wood pigeon, Canada goose, goldeneye.
         (36 spp plus Mink at the river viewpoint). (D. Wilson)

23rd: Chiffchaff x 11, green sandpiper x 4, blackcap, b-h gull x 470,
         common gull x 6, tufted duck x 155, teal x 7, shoveller x 5,
         pochard x 11, gadwall x 6, yellowhammer x 25, buzzard, kestrel,
         Cetti's warbler, goldcrest, bullfinch, oystercatcher x 2, g-c grebe x 13.
         (Terry Brown)

24th: Blackcap near Washout Pit. (PC)
         Red-head smew and Egyptian goose (MD)
         Note MD has a permit to record birds in the quarry which is 
         closed to the public.

26th: L-r plover x 3, smew, scaup pair, shelduck x 3, redshank (colour ringed)
         chiffchaff x 2, redwing x 21, fieldfare x 6. (MD) (in the Quarry)

27th: Avocet, l-r plover x 3, ringed plover x 2, dunlin, redshank x 4,
         oystercatcher x 4, lt egret x 3, lt grebe x 2, sand martin x 3,
         shelduck x 3. (MD) (in the Quarry)

28th: Black-t godwit, ruff, spotted redshank, dunlin, ringed plover x 2,
         l-r plover x 3, redshank x 5, green sandpiper x 4, oystercatcher x 4,
         jack snipe, common snipe x 2, lapwing x 10.
         Sand martins x 13 already excavating burrows. (MD) (in the Quarry)

29th: Spotted redshank, rock pipit, ruff, blackcap x 6, Cetti's warbler,
         L-r plover x 2, dunlin, snipe (74 spp!!!) (MD) (in the Quarry)
         Gadwall duckings x 3 in Cloudy Pit, r-c pochard in Weedy Pit,
         Buzzard (TG et al)
         c 50+ Cormorant nests active (TG)

30th: R-c pochards x 2 Weedy Pit (TG)