Wednesday, 4 September 2019

September 2019

The month began with fine weather suitable for early autumn bird migration. Waders on the Heronry Lakes included lapwings, common and green sandpipers while wildfowl numbers started to climb as the first wigeon dropped in from Iceland to be accompanied by shoveler, teal and a lot of gadwall.

Common darter

On the invertebrate front dragonflies were abundant, including southern, migrant and brown hawkers, ruddy and common darters and willow emerald damsels. Several wasp spiders were found and the late summer butterflies continued to show, including painted ladies, red admirals, speckled woods, small and large whites. Common blue, brown argus and holly blue could be found on most days at the end of August and into September.


September 1st: Kingfisher, green sandpiper and chiff-chaff on the Heronry Lakes.

September 2nd: Green sandpiper x 2, kingfisher at Bill's Bench, little egret x 2, gadwall 40+, wigeon x 5. (25 species on the Heronry Lakes.) Green woodpecker and lesser stag beetle on the river trail.

Speckled wood.

Lesser stag beetle.
September 5th: Blue-tit, great tit, robin, wren and dunnock in the garden. Little egret, common sandpiper. wigeon x 10, gadwall x 50.

September 7th: Kingfisher at the beach on Rudd Pit (Kathy Hall)

September 8th: Common gull x 2,

September 10th: Rat on bird table, blue tit, great tit, collared dove, robin plus young robins.

September 12th: Crow, jackdaw, magpie, yellowhammer, robin, dunnock, g-s woodpecker, blue tit, great tit, l-t tit, buzzard, cormorant, grey heron, little egret, mallard, gadwall, wigeon, stock dove, wood pigeon, moorhen, coot, greylag, Canada goose, mute swan, lapwing.

September 13th: 08:45 - 12:30 Mute swan x 14, g-c grebe x 6, moorhen x 12, gadwall x 156, mallard x 45, shoveller x 10, wigeon x 35, teal x 16, litte egret x 2, tufted duck x 16, common gull, b-h gull x 131, lapwing x 2, green sandpiper x 2, cormorant x x 13, reed warbler, yellow wagtail, buzzard x 2, red kite, black cap, blue tits, greenfinches, robins, dunnocks, great tits, goldfinch x 7, wood pigeon, collared dove, chiffchaff x 4, blackbird, crow, wren, heron, jackdaw, magpie, greylags and Canada geese, sparrowhawk, great spotted cuckoo!!! (woodpecker?), wren, green woodpecker, l-t tit, jay.
44 spp seen by Terry Brown.

September 14th: Great tit x 2, blue tit. robin x 2, pigeon, heron, dunnock.

September 16th: Near Hayden Hide. Black cap pair, willow/chiff, blue tit, great tit, l-t tit.
Green sandpiper x 5 from the Kingfisher hide.

September 18th: Kingfisher on Weedy Pit. Several reports of grass snakes.

September 19th: Third Thursday Walk with 22 walkers and 47 species!
Blackbird, blackcap, b-h gull, blue tit, buzzard, crow, chiffchaff, common sandpiper, cormorant, dunnock, gadwall, garden warbler, g-c grebe, g-s woodpecker, heron, greylag, jackdaw, kingfisher, lapwing, little grebe, l-t tit, magpie, mute swan, mallard, meadow pipit, goldfinch, goldcrest, moorhen, reed bunting, robin, stock dove, collared dove, rock dove/ racing pigeon, yellowhammer, swallow, teal,  jay, shoveller, wigeon, willow warbler, wood pigeon, wren, Canada goose, mistle thrush.

September 20th: A special bird ringing session was held. Report to follow.

September 22nd: Kingfisher x 3 hobby on Heronry Lakes, Otter at the moorings.

September 23rd: Kingfisher at Washout Pit. Greenshank, lapwings, pied wagtails, red kite, buzzard, cormorant, coots, kestrel and g-c grebe at Diddington. JAS.

September 26th: Otter filmed on Rudd Pit.

The result of this month's fungus foray was a bit sparse. (too dry?). The following fungi were found including  the Deadly Dapperling near the moorings. This is the second most poisonous fungus in the UK and looks remarkably like the edible shaggy parasol mushroom.
The dreaded Deadly Dapperling.
A first for the Reserve.

Taxon Group: fungus (Recoirded by Richard Shotbolt.
    Agrocybe rivulosa (Wrinkled Fieldcap)
    Erysiphe alphitoides (Oak Mildew)
    Erysiphe heraclei (Umbellifer Mildew)
    Ganoderma australe (Southern Bracket)
    Lepiota brunneoincarnata (Deadly Dapperling)
    Polyporus leptocephalus [as Polyporus varius f. nummularius] (Blackfoot Polypore)
    Stereum hirsutum (Hairy Curtain Crust)
    Trametes versicolor (Turkeytail)
  Taxon Group: myxomycete
    Fuligo septica var. septica (Flowers Of Tan)