Wednesday, 5 September 2018

September Sightings

Kingfisher by Stephanie James
1st  Kingfisher with juv fishing at river viewpoint. Also a grass snake swimming there.
       buzzard (Sophie and Craig)

4th  Garden warbler near feeders (Betty Cooke)

5th  Great white egret x 4 on Heronry Lakes plus green sandpiper x 6, teal, shoveller,
       gadwall, fresh moorhen chicks, common darter, ruddy darter, migrant hawker.
       Hornets nest on meadow trail, cornflowers in arable fields and great dodder in
       flower at river viewpoint. (JAS and Betty Cooke)
Great dodder. 

6th  House martins x 25, mute swan x 42, gt crested grebe x 10, whitethroat x2,
       lapwing x 17, common sandpiper, shoveller x 6, teal x 8, little egret x 3,
       moorhen x 18, chiffchaff x 6, gadwall x80,  grey wagtail, greylag geese x 160,
       Canada goose x 88, wigeon x 4, sand martin x 2, b.h.gull x 150, green sandpiper,
       great white egret x 3, tufted duck x 72, kingfisher, Cetti's warbler, pochard x 6,
       yellowhammer x 2, jay, blackcap x2. (Terry Brown)

Willow emerald damselfly by Ian Dawson.

9th   Several sightings of willow emerald damselfly (Ian Dawson, Mo, Allan, PW et al)
        near the beach on Cloudy Pit.
Small copper on fleabane.

10th A number of late summer butterflies about as well as a very active hornets'
        nest on the Meadow Trail. Small copper and brown argus in the arable fields,
        speckled woods along the paths.
        In the arable fields there are cornflowers, millet, and barley on show.
        Gypsywort and water mint by the ponds and wild hops along the river.
        Perhaps a hundred sand martins oner Heronry North daily this week with
        house martins and a few swallows. (JAS)

Wild hops by the river.
13th Mute swan 52, goldfinch 90, chiffchaff x 4, cormorant x72, mallard x 40,
        gadwall x90, teal x 18, b.h gull x 154, greylag goose x 206, Canada goose x 45
        (+ 2 hybrids on Sailing Lake) shoveller x18, linnet x 50, yellowhammer x 6,
        buzzard x 4, sparrow hawk, little egret x 7,  tufted duck x 25, wigeon x 7,
        blackcap x 2, green sandpiper x 6, Pochard x 3, g.c grebe x 10 (Terry Brown)


16th  Great white egret x 4, little egret x 18, green sandpiper x 8,
         willow emerald x 3 on Rudd Pit, 27 Wigeon (Mark Ward)

Old man's beard.
18th  Kingfisher x 2, green sandpiper x 4 Heronry Lakes (PC)

20th  Third Thursday Walk:
          Blackbird, b.h.gull, blue tit, crow, chaffinch, cormorant, dunnock gadwall,
          garden warbler, goldfinch, g.c.grebe, g.s. woodpecker, great tit, green sandpiper,
          heron, greylag goose, kingfisher, lapwing, little egret, little grebe, l.t. tit, magpie,
          mallard, moorhen, swan, robin, shoveller, snipe, stock dove, teal, widgeon,
          willow warbler, wood pigeon, wren, Canada goose, great white egret,
          collared dove. (37 spp.) (DW)

25th Two clouded yellow butterflies in the quarry. (Jamie Wells)
Clouded yellow through a telescope.