Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Water soldier & dragons...

It is a brilliant time of year to view Odonata species at Paxton Pits:

Norfolk Hawker
brown hawker
black-tailed skimmer
hairy dragonfly

red eye
common blue
blue tail
banded damoiselle

Bird Sightings: (highlights)
goshawk (pair flying over Rudd lake)
nightingale (2 late singing males)

Meadow Trail:
Meadow is still very good for orchids and there are bee orchards at the back of Le Farge.

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thefootfairy said...

Juvenile Egyptian Goose? Young goose, predominantly grey/brown with pale parts to the face, upper rump very ginger and large white patches under wings in flight. Close to sand martin colony by Boughton Lodge Farm.