Monday, 5 June 2017

May 16th to 28th

May 18th          53 species seen on the Third Thursday Walk. No nightingales heard.
May 20th          55 species including nightingale, hobby, cuckoo, kingfisher and Cetti's warbler.
                          (Marylebone BW Society.)
May 21st          Weasel (near Kingfisher hide.) Kingfisher at river viewpoint. (Sophie and Craig)
                          Two kingfishers at the Kingfisher Hide. (RSPB Oxford Members' Group.)
May 22nd         3 cuckoos chasing at river viewpoint (Anastacia A).
May 23rd          Great crested grebes displaying.
May  24th         Otter and hobby at Kinfisher Hide. (DW)
May 25th          Barn owl (poss 2) River viewpoint. (Trevor Gunton)
May 26th          Nightingale pair of cuckoos at Moorings, (R & B)
                         Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly, Nightingale (T and V Gunton)
May 28th          Norfolk Hawker (10), Four spotted chaser (8), Scarce chaser (3), Hairy dragonfly (3),
                          grass snake and small copper butterfly.  (IW)


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